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Cordova Learning Series -Computers for classes 1 to 10 introduces primary and middle school students to the world of Information Technology through computers. It is based on the latest syllabus and the guidelines prescribed by NCERT and is in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum Framework for ICSE and other State Boards. This series is graded in such a way that visuals-aided learning receives sharper focus than elaborate textual study.

Key features of this series are as follows:

* Exercises for Formative Assessment :Oral Questions, Quiz, Fill in the Blanks, Projects, Lab work, Activities, Group discussions.
* Exercises for Summative Assessment : Multiple Choice Questions, Very Short Answer, Short Answer and Long Answer Questions.
* Learner’s Outcomes:
* Simple language and colourful illustrations .
* Concrete explanation of abstract concepts and step-by-step explanation of commands/concepts.
* Go Online as a reference corner to websites.
* Practical In Computer Lab (with Guidelines) to enhance computer skills.
* Inspiration introduces a personality who has made a remarkable contribution in the field of IT.
* Update Yourself provides information about latest technology and inventions in the field of computers.
* Remember for memory reinforcement.
* Do You Know gives interesting facts.
* Key Points cto recall important concepts.
* Note For The Teacher lists useful suggestions to teachers.
* Additional topics like Tux Paint, Games, Windows Media Center, Picasa, Open Office as an Appendix.
* Visuals-based Interactive CD to reinforce concepts learnt and provide joyful learning experience National Cyber Olympiad Papers , Supplementary topics, Quizzes       and Activities specially designed for students and teachers are available at: www.cordova.co.in