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A Skill Based Course In Communicative English :It is based on the National Curriculum Framework and the latest ELT pedagogical principles. It focuses not only on equipping learners to express themselves in English with ease in real life situations, but also endeavours to make learning of English an enjoyable experience.

The main features of this series are as follows:

* The content of the series complies with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Scheme.
* The exercises and assessment sheets included in the series are both Formative and Summative that form the core of the CCE Scheme.
* All the skills listed for CCE are being stressed upon, so that learners and teachers are benefitted to the optimum.
* The course material is supported with Visuals-Based Interactive CDs and Web Support.
* The series includes A Handshake With Other Subjects, a unique cross-curricular unit that takes English through different areas of the curriculum, leading to more holistic learning.
* Inclusion of Learner-Centered Projects, Reading For Fun, Life Skills, Value Based Questions, HOTS Questions and Problem Solving Assessments in each course book .
* Comprehensive and graded coverage of grammar syllabus in the entire series.
* Inclusion of works of famous writers as well as translations from regional literature with themes and text relevant to the Indian context.
* Study skills activities e.g., use of dictionary.