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A Skill Based Course In Communicative English :It is based on the National Curriculum Framework and the latest ELT pedagogical principles. It focuses not only on equipping learners to express themselves in English with ease in real life situations, but also endeavours to make learning of English an enjoyable experience.

The main features of this series are as follows:

* Child friendly and easy to understand, the series makes the learning of English an enjoyable experience.
* The themes and text selected are appropriate and relevant to the Indian context.
* The comprehension section consists of exercises that help the learners to comprehend, reason, sequence, analyse and evaluate the text. It also gives them an opportunity to answer questions with reference to context.
*The talk section exposes the learners to a variety of exercises based on real-life situations.
*The listen section facilitates the learners to hone their listening skills.
*The grammar section has been carefully graded.
*The word-wise (vocabulary) section enables the learners to learn new words and use them appropriately.
*Study skills activities, e.g., dictionary, spell, punctuate have been included to help learners improve their vocabulary and writing skills.
*The write section includes varied exercises to help learners develop their functional as well as creative writing skills.
*The course material is supported with Free Cordova Smart Class, Web Support, Workbook, Literature Reader and Teacher’s Resource Pack.