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Mathematics- A carefully graded Mathematics series, strictly conforms to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework and meets the requirements of the NCERT syllabus.


* The content of the series complies with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Scheme.
* The exercises and assessment sheets are bothFormative and Summative that form the core of the CCE Scheme.
* All the skills listed for CCE are being focussed upon, so that, learners and teachers are benefitted to the optimum.
* Visuals-Based Interactive CD's and Web Support.
* A completely new approach to the teaching of Mathematics – hands on experience, in perfect co-ordination with resources available in the learner's immediate              environment. The series follows the : explain – comprehend – practise – essential drill – application, approach.
* Value Based Questions have been included in each book to emphasise on acquiring values enshrined in the constitution of India.
* Problem Solving Assessments have been added to process, interpret and use information rather than assess prior subject knowledge.
* Maths Lab Activity gives the learner ample opportunity to explore the concepts through activities.
* Puzzle and Laughter Time sections make learning Mathematics a joy.
* Mental Maths Corner has been designed so as to hone the mental ability of the learners.
* HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions.
* Exercise column after each concept helps learners practise and apply the concept learnt.
* Review Exercises have been designed at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts learnt within that chapter.
* Answers have been provided at the end of each chapter.