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Mathematics- A carefully graded Mathematics series, strictly conforms to the vision of the National Curriculum Framework and meets the requirements of the NCERT syllabus.


* Cordova Free Smart Class Software for teachers to reinforce concepts learnt and make learning enjoyable.
* Exercise column after each concept helps learners practise and apply the concept learnt.
* Review Exercise has been designed at the end of the chapter to reinforce all the concepts learnt within that chapter.
* In-built Assessment to evaluate students after each concept.
* Multiple Choice Questions test the students' recall and understanding of the concept with ease.
* Mental Maths Corner has been designed so as to hone the mental ability of the learners and train them to calculate mentally with accuracy and speed.
* Activity at the end of the chapter gives the learner ample opportunity to explore the concepts through various activities.
* Values and Life Skills included in the series, help learners move to holistic development.
* Integration with other subjects has been done to link Mathematics with other subjects
* Brain Teasers have been included to encourage learners to think, analyse and apply.
* Assessments are given to check the understanding and application of the concepts learnt.
* Answers have been provided at the end of the book.
* Teacher's Resource Pack includes Micro Schedule, Solutions and Assessments.
* Answers have been provided at the end of each chapter.